how we help

Wealth Managers

  • Access our Artwork Market Values and AMVs to advise clients on the value of their collection;
  • Monitor Artwork Marke Values, AMVs, and KPMs, and report on changes in values;
  • Identify risks to the value of the client’s collection; and
  • Analyze transactions for optimal outcomes.


An Easy Way to Expand Your Art Services

Boost your art advisory services to help clients keep pace with the expanding art market. From managing art as a financial asset to facilitating art transactions, Art Auction Analytics delivers a user-friendly, comprehensive valuation tool enabling Wealth Managers to provide insights clients would expect with any other investment in their portfolio.

With our valuation and financial analysis tools, you can:  

  • Increase your market awareness and actively engage with your clients on changes in the art market; 
  • Provide your clients with regular reporting on the value of their art, and what is driving that value; and 
  • Drive discussions with clients about how they can further leverage their art collections. 

Our standard and transparent market-based values ensure that the advice you provide your clients is supported by a broad set of metrics to increase decision-making confidence.


Get the Answers About Art You Need

Respond to your client’s art inquiries with the same level of financial detail similar to any other asset in their portfolio. Our platform’s visualization tools are designed for you to access these answers, and manage your client’s art investments with confidence.

Access to our AMV, Artwork Market Value, and KPM information, gives you the expertise to quickly and easily:

  • Identify whether an artist is ‘hot’, ‘cold’, or trending ‘stable’.
  • Notify a client if their artwork is undervalued or overvalued, and to what extent.
  • Determine the overall portfolio value for discussing insurance, hedging strategies, or monetizing the portfolio via an art-secured loan.

Advise Your Clients on Changes in Value Before It Becomes an Issue

Dig deeper into the AMVs and underlying KPMs to analyze trends (has an artist, market, or movement fallen out of favor?), key drivers (for example, demand, liquidity, or volatility), and any impacts on value, good or bad. This data, together with regular updates means you can stay on top of changes to value and be able to communicate those changes to your client, proactively:

  • Alert a client when the market value of an artist has changed.
  • Access historical market value metrics to spot trends that may impact the artist’s future value.
  • Identify changes to the artist’s underlying performance drivers that heighten future risks to value.

Armed with this data, you’ll be positioned to accurately identify opportunities, and confidently recommend adjustments to a client’s collection.

Provide Risk Mitigation Strategies Now Instead of Later 

Art Auction Analytics’ platform was built to help Wealth Managers get out in front of market risks to better advise their clients:

  • Use our AMV and KPM trending data to determine if the risk is temporary or has the probability to be a long-term concern; and
  • Use the Artwork Market Value tool to calculate the impact on the value of the artwork today.

Whatever the risk is, with Art Auction Analytics, you have the data needed to formulate a strategy. 

Analyze Transactions for Optimal Outcomes

Use our platform to help your clients maximize their position in any transaction:

  • Access the Artwork Market Value to see the current value of a client’s artwork.
  • Use the AMV and our suite of KPM data to ascertain if this is the optimal time to purchase, divest or hold onto an artist based on your client’s investment profile.
  • For private transactions, where information is typically opaque, use the Artwork Market Value tool and AMV to identify where an artist’s current value is to establish if the proposed price in a private transaction is fair.


Enhance Your Art Services

Navigate the Complexities of the Art Market

With the significant growth of the art market, more opportunities for clients to leverage their art exist for different types of financial transactions involving art. Clients are increasingly looking to Wealth Managers to help navigate these new opportunities and to manage their art as a financial asset within their overall portfolio. Art Auction Analytics provides you with the valuable insights and information you need to advise clients on art investment strategies.