a complete measure of value

AMV is the Market Value of an Artist

AMV is our calculation of the market value of an artist.  It is a single figure that encapsulates five years of an artist’s performance at auction.

Comprehensive, objective, and intuitive, AMV is the aggregate of a number of underlying performance metrics that take into account the actual versus expected demand that drives the market. It provides a clear picture of an artist’s value today and a basis for framing expectations about value tomorrow.

Eliminating hours of research, AMV gives you the power to make informed, proactive decisions. With AMV, you have a quick and reliable:

  • Foundation for determining the value of your art collection.
  • Means for identifying ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ artists so you can optimally decide how and when to enter into or exit a transaction.
  • A transparent metric for soundly managing an art collection in the long term.

uncover what is driving value

AMV Provides Valuable Insights

In addition to providing the market value of an artist, AMV offers insight into what is driving that value. It can be used to analyze the overall market to identify opportunities and risks: 

  • Access monthly updates to AMV to analyze changes in market value for targeted artists or artists currently in your portfolio.  
  • Dig into AMV to understand what is driving it, and the impact of each driver affecting performance. 
  • Use AMV to compare artists, markets, and movements to identify where opportunities in the market exist.

setting the standard for value

Transparent Valuations for an Opaque Market

Our AMV is a transparent and objective metric, essential for managing your art collection in an opaque and increasingly complicated market. We accomplish this by applying uniform algorithms across each artist, supported by multiple layers of readily accessible current and historical data.

As the art market continues to grow, additional financial risk and regulatory scrutiny further accelerate the need for transparent valuation standards and advanced tools for monitoring risks.