a complete monitoring solution

Manage Art Investments with Comprehensive Data

Art Auction Analytics understands the challenges of monitoring the value of art.  The company was founded on three premises:

  1. Art is an investment and those active in the market should have access to analytics like those used in valuing other investments;
  2. A large part of the art market is driven by price/value considerations, which have historically been overlooked in favor of the traditional subjective factors driving the art market; and
  3. The art market is one of the world’s most opaque markets.

To address the lack of valuation data available, we provide versatile tools to monitor market values, assess risk and select the most opportune times to enter into a transaction. With over 20 easy-to-read graphs available, you’ll be able to analyze an artist and art market from many angles.


Monitor the Market

We take the market’s pulse by tracking AMV and KPMs over time to allow you to identify patterns and formulate appropriate investment decisions. 

With Art Auction Analytics’ platform, you can:

  • Avoid missing changes in value due to swings in the market.
  • Differentiate between overheated markets and real, sustained AMV.
  • Read KPM signals to see whether the underlying dynamics may be changing and possibly affecting AMV.
  • Keep abreast of how other artists, markets, and movements are performing.

Stay Ahead of Risk

We want to maximize advantages and minimize surprises.  Accordingly, we categorize AMV and KPM data along a risk spectrum, from hot to cold, to enable you to determine whether the artist fits your investment criteria.

  • Identify larger market factors like sector movement, that may increase or decrease value.
  • Understand possible risks and opportunities posed by an artist’s position on the career spectrum from emerging to blue-chip, and how they may be managed.
  • Identify changes in KPMs that indicate a shift in risk.


Transact Decisively

Art Auction Analytics gives you market-based knowledge about what to expect at the time of purchase or sale, so transactions can be tailored to maximize value.

  • Time the market by understanding if the artist’s AMV is at an optimal point for a transaction, or if trending indicates another time might be better.
  • Stay ahead of the market to understand if other changes in the portfolio might be appropriate.