how we help

Art Specialists

  • Access our Artwork Market Value tool to determine the price an artwork would sell for today;
  • Monitor the Artwork Market Values for changes in the value of artwork;
  • Analyze the risks and key drivers of an artist’s performance; and
  • Determine if now is the right time to transact.


Access Market Valuations to Complement Your Existing Services

Enhance your services with a quantitative market tool.  Our art valuation platform provides financial insights you can use to help clients maximize the value of their art while advising them on:

  • Building, maintaining, and divesting a collection;
  • Buying what they love and selling when they need to;
  • Changes in the art market; and
  • Different ways to leverage a collection.

Our comprehensive datasets are organized to easily access key market value information. With our platform, you will be prepared to answer a number of requests for information related to the value of an artist or artwork:

  • Based on our Artwork Market Value, determine the price an artwork would sell for today.
  • Use our AMV and the KPMs to determine if there is a viable market for an artist.
  • Access historical AMV and KPM data to see how the artist’s market is trending, and if now is a good time to transact.


Get the Right Market Answers

Art Auction Analytics’ AMV, Artwork Market Value tool, and a suite of KPMs set the standard for determining an artist’s value and provide you with a rational approach to valuing artists and artworks, that complements your existing services. The platform makes accessing critical market value information for your clients quick and easy. Whether the situation calls for on-the-spot answers or allows for a detailed review, Art Auction Analytics has you covered. You can identify:

  • Whether an artist or artwork is currently undervalued or overvalued;
  • What is driving the value;
  • Is the value stable or volatile; and,
  • To what extent the value may change.

Safeguard the Value of Your Client’s Art

With Art Auction Analytics, you can proactively update your client on the value of an artist or artwork, ahead of changes that could impact the value of the client’s art collection.

Asset tracking is at the heart of the platform’s visualization tools. Our suite of analytics, including AMV, Artwork Market Value, and KPMs, makes accessing value, changes in value, and the metrics that impact value, which would otherwise take time and resources, easy.

  • Recalibrate the total value of a client’s art portfolio on a monthly basis by accessing monthly changes to AMV and the Artwork Market Value.
  • Stay ahead of short-term and long-term financial risks, and adverse financial impacts by accessing five years of AMV and KPM data. Analyze historical trends and changes in performance metrics that impact value over time.

Art Auction Analytics’ extensive suite of metrics includes 20+ performance charts with five years of historical AMV and KPM metrics.  Use our platform to access these metrics to analyze what is driving performance, and to spot risks.


Proactively Assess the Risks

Art Auction Analytics’ platform was built to help you get out in front of risk with an additional layer of data to help you advise your clients:

  • Use our AMV and KPM trending data to determine if the risk is temporary or has the probability to be a long-term concern; and
  • Use the Artwork Market Value tool to calculate the impact on the value of the artwork today.

Whatever the risk is, with Art Auction Analytics, you will have the standard and transparent data you need to formulate a sound strategy. 

Facilitate the Right Transactions

Art Auction Analytics prepares you to advise your clients on value. The visualization tools make it easy to provide answers in multiple scenarios. You can use the Artwork Market Value tool for an on-the-spot purchase or a quick sale. 

If you need additional information,  you can dive further into the AMV and KPM metrics.  In any case, you are positioned to determine:

  • Is this an optimal time to buy, sell or hold onto an artist?
  • Does the transaction outcome match the client’s expectations and if not, what is the delta?
  • Is an artwork worth the price being asked?
  • If the Artwork Market Value is low, does trending reveal a more optimal time to transact in the future?

Enhance Your Art Services

Do More for Your Clients

As the art market grows in size and complexity, clients increasingly want to have the ability to access the value of their art. They are looking for Art Specialists to supplement connoisseurship to help manage the financial side of their art. Art Auction Analytics provides you with the valuable insights and information you need to enhance these advisory services.