our flagship index

The AAA 100

The AAA 100 is our flagship Post-War & Contemporary art index. The numbers are calculated using the medium AMV of the 100 artists from the index. These selected artists are from diverse movements, geographic locations, and career points.

We use the AMV 100 as a proxy for the Post-War & Contemporary art market, no different than major stock indices are used for the overall stock market.


Index Comparisons

By itself, the AAA 100 is revealing, but when compared to other indices, that have been similarly calculated, it becomes a powerful tool to understand what is happening in different sectors within the Post-War & Contemporary art market. For this illustration, we will use two key Indices among the many we track:

  • Blue-Chip 50 Index – is comprised of 50 of the most established Post-War & Contemporary artists who have among the highest sales prices and volume, while being considered art historically significant.
  • Conceptual 50 Index – consists of a range of 50 international artists closely associated with the conceptual movement beginning in the early 1960s through to today.