the power of AMV applied to an artwork

The Artwork Market Value Tool

Art Auction Analytics’ Artwork Market Value tool allows you to calculate the market value of an artwork purchased or appraised within the last five years.  

A comprehensive calculation, the output is based on a full suite of auction data that takes into account the AMV for the artist and all the underlying KPMs. 

You can calculate the Artwork Market Value with two simple inputs:

  1. The artwork’s purchase or appraisal price within the last five years; and
  2. The artwork’s purchase or appraisal date within the last five years.

The output contains the Artwork Market Value (the price of the artwork based on value) and the percentage change in value since the last purchase or appraisal date. 

time the market for optimal outcomes

Monitor the Value of Your Artworks

Knowing the value of an artwork is important throughout the life-cycle of ownership.

Realizing the Value Upon Purchase or Sale

Artwork Market Value allows you to align price to value. With this information, you can determine:

  • If the proposed asking price is accurate; and
  • When, and at what price, is the right time to sell. 

Maximizing the Value During Ownership

With the Artwork Market Value tool, you can monitor the change in the value of your artworks during ownership, and the resulting implications for financial transactions involving your artworks, such as:

  • Is your artwork insured for the right amount?
  • If you have used the artwork as collateral, does the loan amount reflect the current value?
  • Did any changes in value impact the balance of your overall art portfolio?
  • Are there any tax implications at the current value or impacts due to recent changes?