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A Platform that Fits Your Needs

Receive quick answers, or dig deeper into the numbers through a platform designed with a logical flow for analyzing artist performance. Data is aggregated into an easy-to-read format with results color-coded in a unique way so that you can quickly decipher trends. Users can:

  •  Navigate to the ARTIST DASHBOARD for a snapshot of the Five Year and Latest Composite AMVs, KPMs, and relevant information pertaining to each artist.
  • Click through MORE TRENDS on the Artist Dashboard to the historical performance data presented in 20+ Graphs providing five-year historical trending on AMV and KPMs with the accompanying explanations for each graph, including how to interpret the information presented.
  • Access the FOLLOWING PAGE to track the AMVs and trending of your designated artists.

the point of entry

The Artist Dashboard

Start your analysis by searching for an artist and landing on the Artist Dashboard, for a high-level overview of the artist’s performance.  As the gateway to the Platform, the Artist Dashboard summarizes fundamental AMV and KPM data, all in one place.

The Strength of Color Coding

Art Auction Analytics was designed with visually effective features and functionality to allow users to uncover answers faster.  We employ a color-coding system for instant recognition of performance.

Each metric is assigned one of the following four colors:

  • RED = RISKY/OVERHEATED: the artist’s market is hot, but is susceptible to a sharp correction.
  • GREEN = GOOD/OUTPERFORM: the artist’s market is in a sweet spot, performance is strong, yet not too high to invite a course correction.
  • YELLOW = NEUTRAL/STABLE: the artist’s market is steady and relatively unchanged, typical of a blue-chip artist.
  • BLUE = RISKY/COLD: the market is signaling little, if no, interest in the artist.

the next level

More Trends

If the Artist Dashboard indicates a change in performance or a trend you want to further analyze, you can dig deeper into the underlying data via More Trends.  Behind each AMV and KPM, are accompanying graphs that slice and dice the data, at various levels, over a five-year period.  With this information, you can analyze what is driving performance.

More Trends facilitate insight into important trends or risks that impact future decisions.


ongoing monitoring

The Following Page

Personalize your Following Page with a watchlist of searchable artists to see the artist’s AMV and year-over-year performance changes and trending. Not only does the Following Page provide the information you need to make a split-second decision, but it also highlights when an artist should be reviewed due to significant performance changes.