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For Collectors, Financial Institutions, and Art Specialists

Art Auction Analytics is the solution to the lack of transparency in the art market.

Our platform gives you unrivaled market-based valuations of artists and artworks for those looking to:

  • Maximize the value of art investments.
  • Stay ahead of changes that impact value.
  • Identify and mitigate downside risks.
  • Time the market for optimal outcomes.

    Access One Solution Anytime, Anywhere

    Our Platform provides multiple features which allow you to access, analyze and monitor the market values of artists and artworks.

    Market Valuations for Artists

    Quickly access Artist Market Values (“AMVs”) for fast and informed decision-making.

    Understand an artist’s value today, monitor where it is going, and gauge future risk.


    Market Valuations for Artworks

    Seamlessly calculate market-based valuations of artworks for a snapshot of market value.

    Use our Artwork Market Value tool to assess real-time transactions or to monitor the value of an artwork over time.

    Monitor artists & artworks

    Easily tap into visualization tools that enable you to follow and track value and performance.

    With over 20 easy-to-read graphs available, you can analyze, monitor, assess risk, and transact with confidence.

    artist market value

    A Standard Market Value Calculation for Artists and Artworks

    Artist Market Value (“AMV”) is our proprietary, composite calculation of an artist’s value in the market.

    It is a comprehensive calculation that answers:

    • At what price should an artwork be bought or sold?
    • Will this price go up or down?
    • Does an artwork's price match it's value?
    • What is driving value and will it be sustained?
    • What is the exposure to market swings?

    Auction Data Reflecting the Art Market

    Our large and growing database is sourced from the major auction houses to ensure the information you access is from the most significant, market-impacting sources.

    Who We Serve


    Active Collectors, Investor Collectors, Art Funds, Individual Transactions

    Access analytics to manage your art portfolio for timing transactions, monitoring, and more.

    Wealth Managers

    Trust Departments, Family Offices, Investment Advisors, Private Bankers

    Provide your clients with the management they would expect with any other asset in their portfolio – updates on value changes, risks, transaction optimization, and more.

    Banks & Lenders

    Private Banking, Art-Speciality Lenders,  Retail Banks

    Identify the fair market value of an artwork or portfolio for art secured loans. Monitor changes in value that impact advance rates, manage costs more efficiently, and more.


    Insurance Brokers, Insurance Carriers, Boutique Insurance Companies

    Identify fair market values of artworks, establish risk, actively monitor values and risk over the term of the policy, determine fair market value at the claim, and more.

    Art Specialists

    Appraisers, Art Advisors & Auction House Specialists

    Access comprehensive market data to complement their connoisseurship, and more.

    Subscription Service Options to Cover Your Needs

    Individual & Enterprise subscription options are available.

    • Access data anytime, anywhere.
    • Get up-to-date valuations.
    • Use monitoring to track changes in value.

    Explore Art Auction Analytics Free for One Week

    • Entire access to all Art Auction Analtyics functionality;
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    • Unlimited Artwork Market Value runs; and
    • Full access to all supporting 5-year historical graphs.

    expert market analysis

    For Insights Beyond the Metrics

    ART MARKET TODAY is our blog with topical insights about what we are seeing in the auction market.

    THE AAA 100 is an index made up of 100 AMVs of Post-War and Contemporary artists. It is our principal index used for tracking the market.  We also track other indices including emerging artists.