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Hello Ozzie Estate Planners, Executors and Tax Specialists

  • Access AMVs to confirm the value of a client’s collection;
  • Monitor AMVs and KPMs to understand what is driving value and how it will change in the future;
  • Identify risks to the value of the collection; and
  • Know if this is the right time to divest to maximize the outcome.


Estate Planners, Executors & Tax Specialists

Whether helping clients donate an artwork, leave an artwork to an heir, sell an inherited collection, or file tax returns, Art Auction Analytics can help you maximize the outcome. Our objective valuations, supported by multiple levels of available information, provide Estate Planners, Executors & Tax Specialists with a standard source for confirming the value of a client’s works of art.

In a market dominated by subjective pricing that is oftentimes opaque, Art Auction Analytics delivers a comprehensive valuation tool enabling you to provide insights clients would expect with any other investment in their portfolio. [I think this is language from Wealth Managers].  


Access Market Values

Advanced Valuations Facilitating Pro-Active Advice

Through our visualization tools, you get answers fast. With access to our AMV, Artwork Market Value, and KPMs, we deliver art valuations and the supporting information you need to advise your clients. 

Our objective and easy-to-follow answers give you the means to work with your clients on current and future financial impacts:

  • Quickly identify if the artwork is currently undervalued or overvalued, and to what extent; and
  • Understand and articulate what is driving value and the likelihood value will be maintained or grow.

monitor market values

Monitor Performance to Track Changes in Value

Art Auction Analytics provides transparent valuations and supporting information to meet rigorous financial reporting requirements for clients and third parties. Our AMV, Artwork Market Value, and the KPMs data are displayed so that you can access:

  • Critical value information and supplementary data on the metrics that drive this value.
  • A suite of supporting graphs for analyzing changes in value and trends that may impact value in the future.

Taken together, this information provides you with a complete picture of value to support your analysis and advice decision-making.


identify risks

Anticipate Risks to Value in Advance

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transact optimally

Determine Market Liquidity

Art Auction Analytics’ suite of data includes information on how an artist is performing at auction versus the overall market. Use this information, along with other key liquidity metrics to:

  • Determine if a divesture now maximizes the value that is expected, or needed at this time; and if not,
  • Pinpoint the optimal time to divest.

In addition, the Artwork Market Value tool can be used to calculate the current value of a specific artwork, along with the percentage change in value.